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The 5 Keys to a Good Back Massage

The back is the area of the body that usually accumulates the most stress and tension. Whether due to lack of mobility, exposure to excessive weights, advanced age, or poor postural habits, more than 60% of people worldwide suffer from back pain. Do you identify with any of the above cases? Then this article is for you.

Back massages are therapeutic treatments that relieve pain and reduce stiffness in the spine. They also eliminate muscle contractures and dissolve knots caused by excessive tension. They also stimulate the production of endorphins that inhibit pain and give a feeling of well-being. Here are the 5 keys to experiencing the best back massage of your life.

  1. Different Areas - Different Maneuvers

    There are countless techniques and maneuvers to massage the back. Most group the different muscles following the areas of the spine: cervical, dorsal or thoracic, and lumbar. Each area responds differently to the stimuli generated by the masseuse. Massages that treat musculoskeletal or neuromuscular injuries require special training. However, relaxing massages are less rigorous and can be practiced without any risk. In general, it is advisable to make broad and fluid movements that go from the center to the peripheries of the back.
  2. Oil is Your Best Ally

    For the back massage experience to be as pleasant as possible, it is advisable to use relaxing oil or cream. Both products help lubricate the skin and facilitate the movements that the masseuse must make with the different maneuvers. There are different variants of these products with fragrances that induce a deep state of relaxation. Before applying the relaxing oil or cream, it is important to warm it by rubbing the hands to avoid a thermal shock when it comes into contact with the skin. This would be uncomfortable, especially for the person receiving the massage, as their body would tense up. The first few minutes of the massage should be dedicated to evenly distributing the oil on the back.
  3. Breathing Sets the Pace

    A fundamental aspect of relaxing massages is breathing. When inhaling, the lungs fill with oxygen, which is then distributed throughout the body through the circulatory system. While exhaling, the muscles automatically relax. That's why it's important to promote slow and deep breathing during the massage. The masseuse's breathing should invite the patient to a state of relaxation where both find the same rhythm. It is advisable that the different maneuvers of the back massage synchronize with the rhythm of breathing.
  4. The Right Amount of Pressure

    The main objective of a back massage is to relieve pain and generate a state of well-being. To achieve decompression of the back, it is usually necessary to apply pressure to tense muscles. However, the pressure should be subtle and should never cause pain.
  5. Rhythmic and Repetitive Movements

    To achieve a state of full relaxation, it is essential that maneuvers are applied fluidly, slowly, and repetitively. Rhythmic and routine movements induce the brain into a state of calm that inhibits the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone associated with stress that is generated in situations of tension and uncertainty. A good back massage with movements that follow a suitable rhythm and repetition reduces cortisol levels, lowering stress and increasing the feeling of relaxation and pleasure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long does a professional back massage last?

A professional back massage in Tarragona usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your needs and preferences. Ask me

2. Is the back massage painful?

A back massage should not be painful. However, you may feel a sensation of pressure or mild discomfort when working on tense or contracted areas.

3. Is it safe to receive a back massage during pregnancy?

Yes, but it's important to inform me about your pregnancy status so that the technique and massage positions can be adapted to ensure your comfort and safety.

4. How many back massage sessions are recommended?

The frequency of back massages depends on your individual needs. Some people may benefit from weekly or biweekly sessions, while others may opt for a monthly massage.

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