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Hello, I'm Luz, and I invite you to experience the comfort and revitalization that a professional leg massage can offer.

The 3 Most Requested Leg Massages

Legs play a leading role in our lives, as they are the support that allows us to move. Most activities we do involve our legs, whether for simple actions like walking or for more complex ones like dancing or exercising. That's why it's common for us to end up overloading them, causing unnecessary tension, discomfort, and pain.

  1. Tired Legs Massage

    Legs are below the level of our heart, making them a fluid reservoir. Blood accumulation due to circulatory deficit can cause a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs. To treat this condition, it's necessary to make lifestyle and dietary changes, but massages can help alleviate the most uncomfortable symptoms.

    Keep in mind that the tired legs massage should always be done in an upward direction. Movements should be slow, circular, and without exerting too much pressure; you can alternate using knuckles and pinching hands. Focus especially on stimulating the triceps sural, commonly known as the calf muscle.

  2. Relaxing Leg Massage

    After a long workday, it's normal to feel exhausted and just want to get home and relax. A good way to help release muscle tension and accumulated stress during the day is to get a massage. Leg massages not only help relieve pain and relax muscles but also stimulate the production of endorphins and dopamine.

    Here are 4 basic maneuvers that every relaxing leg massage should include:

    1. Reabsorption: consists of gently pushing the muscles upwards, as if it were a tube filled with liquid.
    2. Kneading: involves moving the muscle transversely, similar to kneading bread.
    3. Gliding: the goal is to channel the accumulation of fluid in the lower limbs and move it upwards.
    4. Vibration: consists of oscillating, energetic, and repetitive movements that stimulate the muscle and reduce tension.
  4. Leg Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

    Fluid retention is a problem that affects both women and men, regardless of their age. It is usually associated with other medical conditions, so it needs to be evaluated by a healthcare professional. However, lymphatic drainage massages are a non-invasive alternative that helps reduce retention and alleviate inflammation.

    Leg massages for lymphatic drainage consist of gentle and repetitive movements at a slow pace. The purpose is to activate the lymphatic vessels to eliminate fluid accumulations in the lower limbs and the rest of the body.

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